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MBBS in Russia » Why MBBS in Russia

EDUCATION HIGHLY SUBSIDIZED BY RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT:-The educational fees is very low as it is subsidy by Russian Government, fees that you will pay to the university or college is only around 12-15% of what the actual cost is incurred. International students too can take the advantage of this subsidy and study at this subsidized fees

BEST RANKED AT WHO & UNESCO and LISTED WITH MCI:- The Russian medical degrees have topped WHO and UNESCO ranking and have got global recognition. About 30 positions are occupied by the Russian Medical Universities in World Ranking and The Russian Federation has some of the finest medical Universities in World Ranking. The Indian students seeking admission are admitted in those institutions which are recognized by this medical council of India for screening test conducted by MCI.

NO ENTRANCE EXAMINATION:- In most of the countries students have to appear for entrance exam like TOEFL & SAT in US, UK, CANADA and AUSTRALIA. But to study in Russia you need not appear in any entrance exam. So that you are not judged on the basis of the scores in exam but allowed to study in the best possible way.

LOW COST OF LIVING:-The living cost is very low in Russia compare to UK, US or other EUROPEAN countries. This has made Russia as an economical educational destination. A sum of 100 -200 USD is enough for a student for monthly expense but it very much depend on the life style of the student and control on expenses

RECOGNITION BY EUROPEAN:- All Russian medical degrees awarded by Russian medical Universities are recognized all over European Union. This means unlike US or UK a student need not have to take any entrance exams for practicing Medicine

  • The most popular answer is good value for money.
  • The foreign student pays for his tuition partially – 50% of actual cost of education.
  • This is precisely why higher education in Russia is affordable for many young people of the Globe.
  • An affordable tuition fees.
  • An ideal academic environment.
  • Comfortable Hostel is provided.
  • Russia a modern country with an ancient background. An ideal climate and weather.
  • A country with economical and affordable living conditions.
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