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The Volgograd State Medical University is one of the most famous and highly reputable Higher Schools both in Russia and abroad. It is proud of its highly-qualified teaching staff, advanced researchers and experienced physicians whose names are world-famous

Many scientists of the University are world-famous owing to their great contribution to the theory and practice of medicine. The University has been training international students since 1962. Students from 113 states of the former Soviet Union, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa have studied at our University. Over this period 3000 physicians, dentists and pediatricians and pharmacists have been trained for foreign countries. Since 2000 the Volgograd State Medical University has got an opportunity to teach foreign students in the English language.


Volgograd State University Library - one of the largest university libraries in the area. Its stock of around 700,000 titles , is of great scientific value and can provide high quality teaching and educational and scientific processes at the university. It offers students and 5 teachers of reading rooms for 418 seats. The pride of the University is the department of rare books, which collects pre-revolutionary publications, documents 20-30 of the twentieth century and contemporary books, representing artistic value. The University Library offers its readers the opportunity to use periodicals (over 500 titles), among which are very valuable reference journals and current bibliographies.

The Volgograd State Medical University has given rise to a number of research and methodological schools and centres. They are the Volgograd Branch of the Russian Academy for Medical Sciences doing advanced research in the field of pharmacology, Research Institute of Rheumatology, the Regional Cardiology Centre, the Regional Urology Centre, etc.


Students in Volgograd either live in the university hostels or apartments. First year and pre-medical students are not allowed to live outside the hostels.

There are 3 comfortable hostels including apartments with all modern conveniences for students’ study and rest. All the hostels are situated within easy reach from both University buildings and clinics.


The University puts much emphasis on physical culture development and enhancing popularity of sports among students. Several gyms and sports grounds are available for University students. The University rents a swimming pool and a big stadium. Besides, it has a sports camp on a picturesque bank of the Volga where the students can rest and go in for sports at weekends and on summer holidays.

The University encourages students to celebrate their national festivals. Spectacular performances with folk songs and dances which are part of such celebration are admired by both students and academic staff.

The University staff is very respectful to religious traditions of our students. In the city there are a few Orthodox Churches, a Catholic Church, a Protestant Church, several Mosques and a Synagogue. That means that our international students have the opportunity to follow their own traditions and observe religious holidays.

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