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The Kursk State Medical University is acclaimed worldwide for the quality of its Teaching, Research and Health Care. One of the largest universities in Russia, FIRST University in Russia to begin Graduate/Undergraduate programs in English Medium, presently is the LEADING Higher Medical Establishment in Russia for English Medium Education & the most popular among the international students applying for undergraduate courses


The fund of the library is a rich collection of scientific, educational, foreign literature. It has approximately 500 000 copies. The library gets more than 30000 copies per year. The unique collection of rare books in Medicine of the XVIII-XX centuries is the pride of the library.

The teaching staff, post-graduates, students and practical physicians are library readers (the average amount of them is 9 000 people per year including 6 000 students).

Traditionally, the library uses different forms of showing its book collection: book shows, the browsing of literature. A lot of events connected with student acculturation are held in the library (reader’s conferences, literature meetings are among them).

The library is the huge information repertory with card and electronic catalogues. Since 1990 the library has had its subject catalogue on Mesh system of the National medical library of the USA.

The student scientific union of the KSMU is the union of more than 1500 people interested in getting the skills of scientific work and practice and the development of science in this country.

Nowadays, hundreds of students of KSMU work in the spheres of science and innovation. The development of student science and the realization of students in the sphere of innovation are the priorities of the work in KSMU.


KSMU provides enough places in the hostels for all international students with comfortable living condition and affordable annual fee. Out of 6 (six) blocks of students hostel, 3 (three) modern hostels available for international students are very close to the University (about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance). All hostels are supplied with cold and hot water and central heating system, each room contains beds, a desk, chairs and storage space.

There are 2 types of room provided:

2 sitters room ( one room shared by 2 students)

3 sitters room (one room shared by 3 students)

Of course students are free to choose either to live in the hostel or outdoors. There are many apartments available in Kursk region in affordable price. More than 20% of the international students live outdoors.

Due to the large number of international students in KSMU, a special rooms for the international students was arrange in other hostels colleges in the city that its close to KSMU with the same comfort and rules and safety of KSMU.


KSMU is full of adventures to explore besides the demanding life as medicine field students. Amazingly KSMU glows students life as an adults to experience life of their world full of varieties as students, future doctors , leaders and individuals. In the freezing cold weather , thousands mile far from home, the students still kept their own good traditions warm enough to make them through successfully in their life. Students appears to be very active with plenty of activities regardless of which field of performances either academically , sports , social, artistic or musical. You name it! International Students never let holidays gone with the winds blow but fill with joy and excitement besides learn to live in the multi nation’s community. In the heat of the pact academic schedule students managed to fit in glorious celebrations of their religion like Eid , Christmas , Deepavali , New year ect, independence day and a lot more!!!!

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