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Kazan State Medical University is a multi functional and multi-leveled state institution of higher learning in medicine. It meets both personal and social needs in acquiring education in medicine, in developing biomedical and clinical sciences, as well as broadening scientific knowledge of medical sciences. Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) functions on the basis of self-governance and belongs to the system of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Ministry of Health of Russia. Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) is located in central part of Kazan.

The University offers numerous services to facilitate the process of learning. For instance, the Kazan State Medical University has tie-ups with 54 medical institutions for imparting clinical training to the students of Medical Pediatric and Dental Faculties. Students get the opportunity to receive hands-on training at maternity houses, out-patients units, hospitals, and 20 polyclinics including dental and children’s.


KSMU — represents the leading scientific schools of Russia and the most relevant research studies. According to an independent rating agency “RateOR” in the field of education among all Russian universities’ scientific achievements rating only 3 of Universities of Kazan are in the top fifty and Kazan Medical University holds the second result after Kazan State University. Only five of the best medical universities of the country have been included in the rating, among them Kazan Medical University firmly holds the third place, after the Moscow Medical Academy in the name of I.M. Sechenov and after Russian State Medical University!

Training of highly qualified specialists is conducted in 40 specialities in PhD-studentship and in 5 specialities of doctoral studies. The University has two doctoral Academic Councils in 7 specialities and is planning to establish a third Council in 2 more specialities.


International students may live in the students’ dorm or have an apartment or a room arranged for them by the University.

But the living conditions are rather Spartan: two or three persons to a room, eight rooms on each floor, one kitchen, two toilets, shower in the basement. Students cannot select their rooms. The number of rooms is limited, and, therefore, early applications will be given priority. In addition, some students may be uncomfortable with the rather strict dormitory rules.

Off-campus apartments Rent amounts depends on the location, size and condition of the apartment. As a rule, apartments offered for rent are supplied with furniture and basic household appliances (refrigerator, TV, telephone).


Students can participate in year-round recreation, including football, tennis, basketball, swimming in summer, or skiing and skating in winter. The university encourages the broadest participation of its students in a wide variety of athletic programs. During holidays the students can relax in the camp “Medic” in the woods on the bank of the Volga river. Kazan State Medical University offers its services to the students of all nationalities and religions. Student’s club is used for the different kinds of student’s activities. Our students participate in different festivals and have their newspaper “Kazan Medical Student”.

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