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Ufa is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Russia. It was founded in 1574 and is situated on the banks of the Belaya River. Ufa is located in the Southeastern European part of Russia, south of the Ural mountains, on the border of the East and West. It has a well-developed transportation system, consisting of railway stations, an international airport, a bus station, and a number of roads.

Bashkortostan is famous for its wonderful natural scenery and is sometimes called “The Second Switzerland” because of its high mountains and expansive steps, evergreen forests, 600 rivers, and 800 lakes. Many different kinds of tourism and sports are popular here, especially rafting and alpine C in skiing. The climate is continental & the average mean temperature is -14C in Summer (June, July), and is frequently over winter (Jan.) & is 20.5 C. 30

Ufa is a well-known political, economical and cultural center. There are ten institutes of higher education, many museums and theaters, monuments, and sports complexes. It has a tradition of great ballet and vocal performances. The well-known singer Fedor Shalapin and ballet-dancer Rudolf Nuriev began their careers in our city.

About BSMU

The Bashkir State Medical Institute was founded in 1932. In 1995 it was reorganized into the University. Now there are many faculties at the University: medical, pediatric, stomatological, pharmaceutical, microbiological, faculty of preventive medicine, nursing and social work.

There is a six-year course of training for the medical and pediatric students, and a five-year course at the other faculties. Over five thousand students study at all these faculties. There are about sixty departments in various clinical and practical specialties. The curriculum contains all the subjects that are necessary for the training of highly skilled specialists.

The undergraduates have practice at the clinics of the University. The students have all the facilities to earn out their research works under the supervision of their teachers. The students’ scientific society is of great importance for the training of young specialists.

Bashkir State Medical University is ranked among the list of the 10 best Russian Medical Schools. BSMU is currently the leader in Medical Studies in the English medium.

Nearly three hundred students from thirty five countries all around the world are studying here and for half of them the learning language is English.

The students of our University have various facilities for sports and recreation. Students from other towns and regions are given hostel accommodations.

A great number of former students have become outstanding doctors.

Licence and recognition :

Licence is issued by the Committee for Higher Education and Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation.

The University is a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) and recognised by (MMC) Malaysia, GMC UK, (MCI) India and others many countries.


Bashkir State Medical University is one of the best medical universities in Russia. We have a strong undergraduate and graduate program, as well as residentship, internship and refreshment courses for doctors and pharmacy specialists.

There are 615 faculty teaching at the University, including 429 MD and 161 PhD. Our Students are quite competitive: we have usually 2-5 applications for each available slot.

More than 5000 students can use our seven buildings, well equipped laboratories, computer classes, and a huge library. The University has an IT department, 8 inter-departmental computer classes that are used by 49 departments. We have a campus-wide LAN and a fast Internet Connection.

Undergraduate and graduate students can use well equipped scientific labs for cutting edge medical research.


The Bashkir State Medical University has 7 Faculties :

Key features of General Medicine Faculty:

BSMU students can use a big library with more than 500000 books, 85% is the special medical literature. Reading halls get 287 titles of periodical editions monthly. Our library has 4 specialized reading halls with 252 seats, local net and electronic catalogue which makes possible with an access to many databases.

Tuition and Cost of Living in Ufa
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